Why Trust Us For Your Account Receivable?

State of the art technology

Our clients know us for our state-of-the-art technology. We strive to use our technology to cut your cost and save you a lot of energy and effort while increasing your account receivable by up to 50%.


We offer a flexible and complete collection service that starts early in the payment process. And before a customer turns into a collection problem, our system informs us so that you can reclaim potentially lost revenue before it becomes a problem.


Our customer support is top-notch, helping you with your inquiry 24/7. Your clients will have a broad range of payment options to choose from phone (IVR) payment, email bill delivery, e-check payments, and credit card payments.

About Us

ADR Services Inc. is dedicated to helping you manage your Account Receivables (AR) so that you can focus on the most important things – making profit and satisfying your clients.
Our innovative solutions raise operational efficiency, improve control, reduce cost, improving your profitability, and saving you a lot of time and money.We serve various industries ranging from manufacturing, distribution, financial, services, and hospitality industry.