What we do

Return Mail Manager

Our Return Mail System eliminates 100% of your return mail handling, saving you speed collection and time. We take away the burden that undeliverable cause to your business. We’ll give your organization access to the most comprehensive set of integrated solutions for handling document work flow and returned mail processing.

Custom Document Design

Issuing a confusing payment report to your clients will make them use more of the phone asking questions upon questions instead of making payment into your company. Providing them with clear, comprehensive invoices and statements can save you a lot of time and expenses from receiving customer’s inquiries.

Traditional Print and Mail Billing

Our system will handle the printing, folding, and mailing of your statements and invoices, in full color, and send them to your clients, using first class mail to avoid unnecessary delay.Printing in a full color, high resolution with crystal clear text, our software can automatically consolidate multiple statements or invoices within seconds.

Electronic Billing

Unlike the conventional methods of billing, electronic methods are faster, efficient, saving you a lot of time and energy. Our electronic billing system will improve your collection rate, reduce customer complaint and inquiry, increase your cash flow, make processing easy and straightforward, and could be accessed on any mobile phone and computer at any time. With Electronic billing, you won’t have to pay for warehouse space.

Interactive Billing (iPDF)

To ensure that your business thrives, your clients must be satisfied with what your organization is providing them. They must be satisfied at all time. Otherwise, they’ll move to your smart competitors. At ADR Services Inc, we help you get rid of unnecessary costs that are associated with billing your clients, helping you to satisfy your customers at all times. Our interactive billing will help your customers to interact with your website, articles, videos, articles, and other contents for a dynamic online experience, which will decrease your clients’ call volume, reduce the time you spend attending to inquiries, and, also, increase your revenue.

In summary, our Interactive Billing will

Skyrocket your Receivables since your clients can quickly pay right from the interactive billing. Save you up to 50% on mailing and printing costs. Save your company a lot of money. When you direct your clients to add attachments and other Web resources, they’ll be able to answer most of their questions.