Your customers deserve nothing more than satisfaction. And one of the ways to satisfy them is by making available different payment options to them. At ADR Services Inc., our payment processing offers several automated and online payment features: phone (IVR), check cards, cash, money order, email bill delivery, e-check payments, and credit card payment with real-time authorization.

Online Payment Option

Our online option allows your customers to make payments with few clicks, improving cash flow and reducing billing cost…all with less paperwork, time, and effort.

Our online payment will:

  • Reduce customer calls and improve satisfaction
  • Improve your receivables by over 50%
  • Allow your customers to access their invoice and statements online. And they’ll be able to pay their bills with few clicks
  • 24/7 access to payment options and account status
  • Allow real time processing and approval of debit card payment transaction
  • Remind and compel your clients to click on the “pay now” button
  • Automate manual payment posting, saving your time